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NZMVA Meeting Records

On this page, you will find minutes/records of National Executive, Delegates, Biennial General Meetings and any Special General Meetings.
Please click on the name of the document you wish to open.
Please note, these files are .pdf format.
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NEC MINUTES 3.12.2011
NZMVA BGM Minutes 2011
2011 BGM Audit Report
Website Report September 2011
Quartermater Report September 2011
Selamat Report September 2011
Income & Expenses 2010-2011
Financial Statement 2010-2011
Treasurers Report July 2011
NEC Meeting Agenda 10 september 2011
NEC & Delegates Minutes 16 July 2011 (Draft)
NEC Minutes (1) June 2011
NEC Minutes (2) June 2011
NEC Minutes March 2011 
NEC Minutes December 2010
Financial Statement 2009-2010
Treasurers Report July 2010
Income & Expenses 2009-2010
2009 BGM Minutes
NEC Minutes June 2009
NEC Minutes April 2009
NEC Minutes February 2009
2008 NEC & Delegates Meeting Minutes
2007 BGM Minutes
2007 NEC & Delegates Meeting Minutes